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About Us

We’re doodad.
You can lean on us.


Big or small, everyone has a hometown. Main street businesses are in a battle against some pretty big odds. doodad believes our hometowns, and yours, deserve better and we have a way to fight back.

Our full-color insert programs, including advertising inserts, FSI, coupons, newspaper inserts, preprints and booklets, put a solid line of powerful tools in the hands of the people who need them the most: local mom & pops, merchants, tradespeople, professionals, startups.

Our mission is to help hometown businesses hang tough.

We’re not your laid back, we’ll-get-around-to-it-next-week printing jobshop. Nor are we part of the printing world that swoops down on local jobs when they have open machine time.

We cover towns in two-thirds of the country now. And we’re working on the rest.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be America’s premier provider of printed advertising inserts to shared mail marketers and newspapers as well as to the businesses that depend on them for distribution of their advertising messages.


Highest Standards

Apply the highest standards of excellence to the delivery of our products and services.


Raving Fans

Develop raving fans among our employees, customers and suppliers by connecting with them in a human way and providing them with solutions that make their lives and jobs easier and simpler.


Focus & Discipline

Maintain focus on our market and discipline in our planning.



Recognize that profitability is essential to our future success.


We go back to 1969 when our New York founders, who sold business forms, decided they could do a better job of operating a printing company than the guys they were buying from. So they moved to Florida and set up shop producing computer punch cards for a small number of customers in the Miami area. The sun was warm, life was good and the fact that we were a small fish in a big pond didn’t matter a bit.

By the early 1980’s, trying to leverage our investment in a new printing press, we stuck our toe in the water with a new product line – business reply cards. (It took us another decade to learn that you should have a market before you introduce a product). As fate would have it, about ready to pronounce the idea a bust, we snagged on to an emerging market – shared mail. Shared mail involves the bundling of multiple advertisements into a single home delivery via the United States Postal Service. This bundling creates a cost advantage over other direct mail methods (for example, solo mailing). More importantly, it takes billions and billions of a product very much like a business reply card to get those bundles routed through the postal system. The sun was warm, life was good and in 1986 we opened a second plant.

Although we frequently tell people it was intentional, our foray into shared mail was mostly good fortune. It led us to establish a specialization in a product line that appealed not only to shared mail marketers, but also to newspapers, ad agencies and retailers of all shapes and sizes. We had a strong sense that if we could create a set of competencies that catered to this unique market, that we could grow and prosper. Well, we were right.

We cater exclusively to that part of the advertising insert market that demands fast turnaround (five days or less including delivery) of highly versioned inserts. This market wants business process integration, guaranteed levels of performance and over the top customer service. And we give it to them.


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