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announcements from doodad  

September 2009
  • doodad expands sales team
    we are excited to announce that Mike Hayes has joined the doodad sales team. Mike brings us more than a decade of FSI experience, including working with two ad agencies which focused on the printing and inserting of FSI's into newspapers and direct mail marketers. Mike’s most recent position was Preprint Sales Manager for a major east coast newspaper.
August 2009 (Southeast)
September 2007 (East)
  • doodad adds in-line gluing
    with the installation of our new gluing station, we can handle your 8 page jobs even faster.
August 2009
  • doodad makes a donation to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
November 2008
  • doodad announces new SCA 4 and 8 page product line
    choose from 20 “ x 11.5” 4 page or 20” x 23” 8 page formats on 38 lb. Super Calendar A paper.
March 2007
  • doodad adds stitching equipment
    with the opening of our new manufacturing cell, we can now handle up to 64 pages in a wide variety of paper stocks